About Honey & Zest

About Honey & Zest

Hello and welcome to Honey and Zest.

I finally get to start sharing the food I love to cook and eat. At this stage of my life I now know that I am happiest when I am in my kitchen – cooking and listening to music, where I can sing at the top of my voice. Thankfully no one can hear except Jack, my beloved beagle. Jack has also shown me that he will not eat food unless it smells good. Probably strange for a beagle, however true.

Food has always been important to me. Not only for sustenance but also for social, psychological and emotional reasons. I believe it brings us together for a chat, a discussion and even an argument at times. Food binds all these ingredients together with the pleasure of sharing a meal.

I grew up in a family that love food. Eating well and having a balanced diet was always very important to us. My interest in the subject started from a young age. I would help out in the kitchen willingly. My curiosity helped me to read books on food and learn how to mix essential ingredients. I would sometimes mix ingredients you would never imagine putting together. Food brings out creativity and is forever evolving – like we are I suppose! There is also so much going on about the food we eat at the moment which shows us that we really need to be smart about what we feed our bodies. We truly are what we eat.

Studying food and catering for a good part of my education gave me quite a few opportunities to experience food and its preparation. I had the opportunity to train and work in a few catering kitchens and restaurants. This was an experience in itself – especially working in such a busy environment.

Coming home to a meal was so beneficial for me and I eventually went on to do the same with my own family as there is nothing more rewarding than the appreciation of the food that is placed in front of your family and friends. In my opinion it is also pretty challenging to be able to serve quite a few exciting meals indefinitely.

Entertaining is also another part of my food life that I love. Nothing nicer than cooking for friends and relishing on their enthusiasm (excuse the pun) amidst some glasses of bubbly. It is a great way to enjoy friendship and I must really say a big thank you to so many of you who forever sent lovely words of praise on how you enjoyed the food. It always meant so much to me.

Please feel free to drop a line and stay in touch on this site. And hopefully new friends will be made too.

As Lao Tzu wisely put it centuries ago –

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Much love,


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