Recipes for the week ahead.

Recipes for the week ahead.

We are heading into another week under a semi lockdown with a few more restrictions being lifted and let’s hope for the best. Cooking is still a priority and although I still find it quite hard to share recipes as I try to function within normal parameters in a world that is  drastically changing and our everyday lives are spent cooking, working and trying to keep our sanity! One positive thing is so many people are cooking which is great, feeds are full of beautiful pics of what has been baked or cooked.

Start  your day with a Strawberry Shake  whilst checking your mail or gearing up for a zoom online class. Make a batch of  Date bars and place all your non friendly snacks at the back of your larder so when you need something sweet to munch on you can reach for these delicious bars. Another great recipe to add to your list is A healthy loaf, which is super delicious and doesn’t bloat you or make you feel sluggish whilst sitting at your pc or attempting some gardening. If you still enjoy a bowl of good soup I suggest the Sweet Pumpkin soup with a slice of your freshly baked bread or sprinkle some coconut. As the weather is getting warmer  and aubergines are easy to order or find at your food stores, make Grilled aubergines layered with peppers in an almond pesto and a fresh tomato sauce, lay your table, use your best stuff and sit down to your meal with some lovely music and unplug yourself from the media for a while, it truly helps and you need too! I am quite enjoying my zoodles and I have added vongole and king prawns so the Zucchini noodles is another recipe for you to add to your menu this week. Don’t over do your caffeine in take and a green juice is always great for your mood and skin so Drink your Greens is one for you too. When your sweet tooth kicks in fill your treat tin with some  Oat and Cranberry Cake or a batch of Red velvet balls. Evenings are for winding down and ticking off your to do lists and a nice supper is always welcoming plus good for you so try the Barley with a middle eastern twist it’s always a favourite and another dish I recommend are the Fresh spring rolls, I made them lately and added some hummus to them too, super tasty and you can leave out the pretty edible flowers as they are not that easy to come by. A salmon dish is always a good one too and it’s omega 3 benefits plus protein too.Salmon with Chorizo is a quick tasty recipe and I read how the skin of the fish is full of collagen so eat that too and serve your fish with a Mushroom salad tossed in a walnut chorizo.

Here is to a good week ahead and happy cooking.


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