What to cook when facing such a terrible crisis.

What to cook when facing such a terrible crisis.

I have to say we are passing through very weary times and so much uncertainty, hence food and our well being are taking a massive toll. I keep attempting to create recipes but non of it is making sense to me, I feel very vulnerable and sensitive to my surroundings at the best of times let alone now when globally everyone is facing many challenges and on top of it all trying to keep safe and not get infected by the virus is our top priority. 

Food is a massive part of my life and well being and I will be creating a few recipes with few ingredients to be able to make do with what we have for now as these are times when we need to cut back on our daily shopping and limit our contact with others for the well being of everybody.

Should anybody of my lovely followers need any cooking tips, extra help with recipes etc reach out and I will be glad to offer advice, remember we are all in this together and you are a part of my community.


Stay well and keep safe.

Much love,

Stefy xx

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