Are we ready for retirement?

Are we ready for retirement?

“After climbing the mountain, you can finally enjoy the view.” As I watched the transition of a hard working man who spent many hours at the office and travelling for work to suddenly waking up with lots of free time on his hands, I asked my dad to give me his take on retirement.

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Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you do not mind, it doesn’t matter—– Mark Twain.

After working for so many years it is only right if one enjoys life by participating in a number of activities. The good thing about getting older is that you have seen it all, lived it felt it and now you can share what you have learned. You have also learned how to deal with social conflicts more effectively and managing emotions as one’s confidence grows so do our levels of expertise. It is time when one is able to travel and do some of the things one could not do when in employment.

It is important that you maintain good health by carrying out activities that one enjoys doing, namely exercise regularly through walks and or swimming, work in your garden if you have one, enjoy meeting friends and to eat proper food i.e. more fibre, vegetables and fruit thereby enjoying a balanced diet. Try keeping to a schedule to cope with life transitions. Enjoy your new found freedom and learn to cope with it. Keep away from smoking to maintain good health. In essence eat well, move more, stress less and never if you can help it get isolated, depressed or lonely. Never forget the changing lifestyle on retiring gives you more time on your hands

It is important to keep up with friends meeting them once, twice or three times weekly, reading and stay plugged with the world through internet, TV and to have good phone access. It is all too easy to feel a sort of vacuum in one’s life immediately after retiring and to fall into a state of low self esteem. Do not feel you are less of a person because you are out of work. You are a highly skilled and talented person having gained over the year’s skill sets. Retirement is a breath of fresh air filled with opportunities. You may develop some sort of volunteer work, be it helping kids with their homework or assisting by helping the elderly in old people’s homes. As we age, and provided we remain engaged and stay active, we are more emotionally stable and content and we enjoy passing knowledge to our children and grandchildren. Getting old means that relationships of our youth are replaced by more concise and purposeful set of connections. As we grow older we realize how short this window of time really is and we should make the most of it. We now seek quality over quantity, comfort over style having gained a precious commodity–experience.

So with some planning and challenging ourselves in discovering things, retirement can be an enjoyable phase in one’s life. After all it is the last transition in our lives which although it requires us to navigate in unchartered waters, however as experienced and confident persons we can make our remaining years, quality years. Adjusting to retirement can take some getting used to but if you develop a routine earlier on it will be a lot smoother.



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