Sorry for no new posts.

Sorry for no new posts.

Dear subscribers,


Am sorry for the lack of updates on this site. It’s been a trying time to say the least and I have also had limited internet and no pc so posting new recipes has had to be shelved amidst the time of the year when one looks to new ideas to help them out in the kitchen. I also met a few of you who have asked me for new recipes too and I miss this place where I can share my passion for food with you all.??


Hopefully things should improve within the next few days, however I will be sharing some Christmas recipes I created a couple of weeks back using tea leaves. The picture above is the Christmas cake infused with Rooibos Masala, by Tettiera teas.


There is also the Christmas online magazine which has lots of useful tips and recipes and my vegan recipes I had posted last December should you need to refer to them.


Thanks x

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