A trip to Wales.

A trip to Wales.

A little bit of the Welsh countryside.



Wales has been on my travelling agenda for a while now and when opportunity came about for me to visit Wales, I couldn’t have been more happy then to fall in love with a part of this beautiful country that is so wonderful.


Trekking is a big part of my travels and exploring the vastness of a green lush country side and absorbing the stillness was a daily must, so I decided to stay in a beautiful town called Hay on Wye, which is truly magical, it is a population to just over 1000 people and is a paradise for novelists and bookworms, so it was a perfect choice. The icing on the cake was there food, which was fresh, sustainable and absolutely delicious.


Although locals inform you that Buses aren’t reliable in those areas, I got around by bus and felt it was necessary to keep that marvelous holiday feeling of being in no rush and not too fussed where the bus took me! I have to say they were very punctual and when I had a gap with time to kill, a taxi appeared so I really can’t fault the system. However this is my opinion.


When it comes to trekking, it definitely is not what I am used too, there are no places to stop and have a drink or a bite to eat along the way so I would recommend a picnic, weather permitting as it is England and if I had to be just slightly critical the walking signs to follow are very limited and it is quite easy to miss your path, however it still in keeps with the very relaxed attitude of starting off with a plan and then letting faith or the wrong turn decide on your destination! Another thing to keep in mind is the locals are extremely helpful too and will offer directions or a lift too should you need.


Browsing through the numerous libraries is obligatory and one can even pick up a book, get a pot of tea and enjoy a good read. There is a wonderful ice cream parlour, which is well known to the locals and tourists too as the ice cream is made out of their sheep’s milk and if you enjoy a pork pie or a pasty you can buy one and keep it safe in a brown paper bag inside your back pack to enjoy at the right time or moment. I had mine as a reward after I walked up a mountain.


Wales is a must if you are planning the kind of trip where time stops and moves at a much slower pace, with lots of happy smiles and some really good laughs.







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