The launch of the organic Perlage prosecco and wines.

The launch of the organic Perlage prosecco and wines.

I teamed up with the caterers at the farmer’s deli and the lovely Jo’ delights to treat the guests to a wonderful evening at the new premises at Villa Bologna. It was a super evening and guests got to taste the delicious organic prosecco and wines that are available for sale at the Farmer’s Deli.

“The Perlage brand is synonymous with elegant and good quality organic wines, with good business practices and the passion of its people. It’s as respectful of its origins as it is of its future, following a path created by people, stories, the interweaving of vines and lives, buds and mature fruits, discoveries and rediscoveries, research and creativity. It’s the harmony of these elements that Perlage recreates in its organic Prosecco wines, balancing the colour of purity, the aroma of tradition and the flavour of quality.”

We prepared little eats that were passed around as the guests enjoyed the delicious chilled wines plus some wonderful cheeses, hams and bruschetta that can be bought from the Farmer’s Deli. This was the start of these events so I suggest you look out for the next.

Sundowner by Farmer’s Deli @ Villa Bologna Wed 31 July 7pm


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