A vegetarian feast for a birthday party.

A vegetarian feast for a birthday party.

I was contacted by a wonderful young woman who wished to have a few friends over for her birthday and asked me to help her out with the food.  Her only request was that the food prepared be vegetarian. I prepared a selection of dips, mini quiches and salads and each guest had a delicious bottle of kombucha to take home. I sourced these from a friend of mine.

“A beauty and youth salad, sealed with a superfood kiss of hemp seeds, fresh vegetables. grains plus dressing.” Was one of the dishes prepared.

I used lots of different veggies, forrest fruits, beetroot brownies and dark chocolate with a drop off tangerine essential oils in the dishes I created. It was a great success and the dishes looked so pretty.


As they say ” the girls that dine and play together, stay together.”





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