Prepare your food for your busy day ahead.

Prepare your food for your busy day ahead.

There is no avoiding your tight schedule and amount of e mails and messages that need to be seen too early morning. Once your alarm clock rings it’s a non stop race around the clock to get so many things done leaving you somewhat overwhelmed and unfortunately leaving very little time in your manic day to find some time to shop for good food and prepare a good wholesome meal. What about if you start giving yourself a little bit of time towards the end of the day to prepare some simple things in your kitchen to be able to meal prep for the next day?

Promise yourself that it is the first very important step towards self care that is simply becoming non existent! You owe it to yourself and if you choose to keep chasing that very busy schedule in your life, you definitely need good food to keep that wonderful machine known as your body working well. It is of utmost importance that you start making a conscious effort to feed yourself right as so many diseases stem from the very poor diet we feed ourselves. Everything takes time to fall into place so why not start by carrying out a few of these steps to start right?

Get a baking tray and roast some vegetables with some garlic. Once out of the oven, blend some with some olive oil and fresh herbs and you have a dip to add to a slice of toast or as a snack or sandwich filler. Use the rest of the vegetables to add to a piece of fish, meat or chicken, which you can buy the next day or add to a grain.

Prepare some grain of your choice which can be a meal together with your cooked vegetables too.

Boil a couple of eggs too to add to the above.

Get another baking tray and roast some oats and nuts for around ten minutes. It’s worth the delicious smell in your home, then add some cinnamon, coconut oil and some raw cacao or whatever your larder provides and have a granola as your breakfast. Top it with yoghurt and some berries to eat as you are ticking off your list of to do things.

Have a look at your larder, start using up all those ingredients that need to be used up and can provide a quick meal. Start by making simple meals that don’t take too much time and make a conscious effort to feed yourself right.

It is worth it and doesn’t take up much time, so give it a try and feed yourself right. Once you get on the right track with a conscious effort to eat well, you will be surprised at how much better you will feel.

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