Curry night.

Curry night.

Half way through the week, and you are probably planning your weekend or a cosy night at home with friends. Make some curries and light a fire and catch up on the weeks events,  one hot topic will surely be Brexit! Or simply open some bottles of wine, sit around the table and dig into some spicy curries and tune into some spicy stories. Whatever you opt for, honey and zest knows that these two curries will surely be a hot success. Click on the links below to go straight to your recipes, make your shopping list, buy the fire wood and wine and send out your text messages. I chose a prawn curry and a vegetable one, however you can add meat or chicken to the sauces plus some naan bread and poppadums. Chop up some fresh fruit to cool down the spiciness for after, or feel free to browse through site for one of my deserts. Happy entertaining x


King Prawn Curry

Butternut Curry



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