Are you ready for a new you?

Are you ready for a new you?

As we end another year with lots of plans for a new year as we love to do, spare a thought to have a super year ahead with lots of good health and new goals.


Check in with yourself first, how are you feeling mentally and physically? How are your energy levels? How many times were you sick last year? What does your daily diet look like and how many home made meals do you cook and eat weekly?


Honey and Zest  is all about good food and this year I would like to help you plan and get organised in the kitchen. Starting from your fridge and it’s contents, firstly use up what’s in the fridge as wasting food is wasting money! Check your pantry too, use up your goodies and make a conscious effort to start buying healthier options.


Write a shopping list and try and include ingredients where you can plan to create a few dishes not one, as once you are cooking, use up the time to be more productive in the kitchen, also make extra food and freeze. If mushrooms (for example) are one of your ingredients, make a soup and a risotto dish using these ingredients, it saves on time and is cost effective plus healthy too, so what’s not to like with these new tips for your kitchen? Sort out your shelves in your larder, put your condiments in order plus place what you use often in the front so you are not pulling out your pantry when you are looking for an ingredient.

The same goes for your fridge, keep it tidy, pack left over food in boxes, set some aside for work, freeze extra and organise your shelves too. Use up vegetables that need to be used first, however to get your best nutrients, vegetables should be fresh, if this is not convenient, freeze extra in freezer bags or buy frozen vegetables and pull out when required. A great tip I learnt a long time ago was to read the recipe and prepare the ingredients beforehand so you don’t waste time.

Invest in self-care too, have some quiet time, learn how to breathe properly and practice this. Move your body and eat properly and stay calm. Easier said than done, just start slowly and progress, check in with yourself and see how you feel?


“What the New Year brings to you will depend a great deal on what you bring to the New Year.”

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