Make it a healthy and sustainable Christmas.

Make it a healthy and sustainable Christmas.

The joy of Christmas and what it’s all about is really the way you should look at this marvellous season and the amount of realistic expectations you set out to achieve. Christmas is truly a magical time of the year where we look forward to spending time with our nearest and dearest, however don’t let this wonderful occasion drain you financially and emotionally starting off the new year with a massive deficit.


Let’s think about this, why do we overspend on gifts? Is it really the joy of giving? Hardly, it just burdens you unfortunately and you completely lose track on what this occasion is all about! Before you buy that gift for the individual in question, have a little thought about what you wish the gift to say – Ideally your gift and thoughts should replace your price tag, making it a truly special gift.


Make a conscious decision not to burden yourself with many events and end of year celebrations. It’s impossible to attend every single one and you only lose the joy of enjoying yourself. Be mindful on what you accept and what you politely turn down.


When it comes to catering, just don’t over do it. You are only adding more stress on yourself, over eating and spending way too much time shopping and in the kitchen, rather than relaxing and catching up with friends and family.


Once you take on an approach to stop running around in circles and to start enjoying your home and surroundings you have created for yourself, Christmas does take on a more relaxed approach. Make time to sniff and appreciate the lovely baking smells that come from your kitchen and truly allow yourself the joy and spirit of the holidays.

Let Christmas spread it’s warmth and joy in a truly sustainable way, helping you to start off 2019 in a better place.



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