Look out for these delicious recipes to buy.

Look out for these delicious recipes to buy.

These wonderful recipes are now available to buy from M4 supermarket in Attard and Trading post in Sliema.


Toss Dip Apple Curry x225g
Toss Dip Beetroot Hummus x225g
Toss Dip Bigilla x225g
Toss Dip Whipped Feta x225g
Toss Dip Hummus x225g
Toss Dip Roasted Pepper Hummus x225g
Toss Dip Tuna x225g
Kusksu Salad with avocado cream  x250g
Barley Chicken Curry x300g
Israeli Couscous x250g
Greek Salad x250g
Russian Salad x285g
Dill Caper Potato Salad x250g
Asian Beef Noodle Salad x225g
Grilled Chicken and Bulgur x300g
Chicken Bacon Walnut Fusilli x250g
Dill Kale Coleslaw Side Salad x200g
Penne Norma x350g
Greek Farfalle Pasta x300g
Ginger Tuna Barley x320g
Curried Chicken Date Quinoa x320g
Balsamic Roasted Veg Brown Penne x300g
Sweet Potato Side x200g
Chicken & Cashew Soba x250g
Chicken Fajita Grain Salad x250g
Sun dried tomato & Ricotta Pasta x300g


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