A mushroom and leek risotto.

A mushroom and leek risotto.

Risottos are always so comforting and tasty on a cold winters day, they don’t take up too much time out of your busy day and can be prepared ahead. One good tip is to not cook the risotto completely so it will be perfect by the time you sit down to eat it. If you are avoiding cheese, add nutritional yeast as it makes the risotto nice and thick. To make this recipe you will need,

A mushroom and leek risotto

December 10, 2018


  • 1 onion medium sized
  • Coconut oil
  • 2 leeks
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 200g pearl barley
  • 2 cups chicken stock
  • 1tbsp smoked paprika
  • 500g mushrooms
  • Olive oil
  • 1tbs tamari
  • 1tbsp onion flakes
  • Some fresh parsley and celery
  • A generous serving of Parmesan or nutritional yeast
  • Step 1 Get two pans and prepare the barley in one pan and the mushrooms in another. This speeds up the process. Prepare the barley in a deeper pan.
  • Step 2 For the risotto, add some coconut oil to your pan, peel and chop your onion and garlic and cook. Remove the top part and end of your leeks, peel them and chop them up, roughly around 2cm’s each. Add to the pan. Cook them together and add the smoked paprika, if you are not crazy over a smokey taste, add less. Add a little bit of water at this point. The leeks will carry on cooking with the barley too.
  • Step 3 To cook your barley you will need one cup barley to two cups stock, so add your stock to the pan and your cup of barley and mix everything together. Let the barley cook in the stock until it absorbs it all. This should be done on a low to medium heat. Once cooked add your parmesan or nutritional yeast.
  • Step 4 In the meantime whilst this is happening, add some oil to another pan and add your washed and sliced mushrooms. Add your tamari and onion flakes and cook the mushrooms on a high heat to brown, keeping an eye on your pan so nothing burns. Add the washed and chopped celery and parsley and mix together. Lower the heat once mushrooms are cooked. Add mushrooms to the barley and mix all together and remove off heat. Ideally the barley should be al dente, especially if you are not serving immediately as it will carry on cooking.
  • Step 5 I added some miso paste mixed with some more tamari but this is optional.
  • Step 6 With these quantities you can serve three to four generous portions.

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