Look out for my vegan Christmas recipes.

Look out for my vegan Christmas recipes.

Hi, it’s been a while, actually it was hot and sticky the last time you received a recipe from me. Honey and Zest seems to be blossoming into a fun and busy enterprise and there is lots of excitement in the air. I am currently studying all about food and it’s benefits and will look forward to preparing more recipes in 2019. Summer moved onto Autumn where we had lots of rain which is great for our crops and now we are preparing for that magical season once more where those who prepare Christmas lunch are swept off their feet planning menus and recipes. Remember to look up last year’s newsletter with all it’s useful tips and recipes. A couple of weeks back I prepared a vegan Christmas for Served magazine, so keep on the look out for the Christmas edition. I Look forward to preparing more recipes and feel free to drop a line and request any type of food recipes you wish to receive or any help in the kitchen.



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