A fresh delicious fig salad

A fresh delicious fig salad

Now we are feeling the heat and we look forward to tasty cooler meals so a wonderful fresh fig salad with some balsamic vinegar and fresh bread does the trick. To make this salad you will need the following,

A fresh delicious fig salad

July 4, 2018


  • 100g halloumi cheese
  • 200g baby pakchoi
  • 100g fresh kale
  • 3 large fresh figs
  • ½ a jar of anchovies
  • Prosciutto crudo
  • One beetroot
  • Olive oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Balsamic vinegar
  • A fresh loaf
  • Step 1 Wrap your beetroot in foil and roast until soft to the pierce of a knife. Remove and set aside. Get a griddle pan and add some oil. Slice the halloumi thinly and grill on both sides for a couple of minutes.
  • Step 2 Get a baking tray and add some coconut oil. Break the kale leaves off the stem and roast for a couple of minutes. Remove from the oven and set aside.
  • Step 3 Use the same pan you used for the halloumi and grill your pakchoi by slicing off the bottom part of each pakchoi and separating the leaves and grilling them with some coconut oil, the leaves are soft however the stem is still crunchy.
  • Step 4 Remove your beetroot out of the foil and slice thinly, slice the washed figs and add the crunchy kale leaves, pakchoi, anchovies and halloumi cheese together. Add the prosciutto and anchovies and pour olive oil and balsamic vinegar over. Dig in with some fresh bread.
  • Step 5 The above ingredients are for one main salad however you can add more ingredients for a few more salads or even make smaller ones as a starter.

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