To any individual who has taken the time to be involved in the daily tasks and chores of everyday life, I wish you a special day on Sunday. Life is all about sharing and caring and making time to share the wonderful experiences we go through in our families. Parenting is definitely not easy in today’s world and we really need to keep abreast of what is important and what isn’t to give our children the best they deserve and pass on what we were taught.


At Honey and Zest we believe in food as the most beautiful way of sharing family life as it brings all it’s goodness and health to the table together with a few drinks which is the nicest way of being together, so find some time to look up that person who means so much to you. I thank all the special people in my life who always have my back, follow my recipes and make me smile and those lovely souls whom we wish were still around.


Have a great day and happy Father’s Day Fred xx

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