Easter table ideas.

Easter table ideas.

Looking for ideas how to decorate your table for Easter?


This Easter prepare a colourful wreath with fresh fruit and add a touch of spring to your table. To make this decoration you will need the following:

Half a pineapple, two pomegranates cut in half, a bunch of red grapes, some easter egg decorations, a colourful wreath, two coloured candles, a flowered candle holder, a tooth pick and a round plate. Pick some dried flowers from around your house and fill in the gaps to create this piece. You can also add some fresh flowers.

Place the wreath over the plate, add the easter eggs, put the pineapple in the centre and stick the flowered candle holder with a tooth pick at the top. Add the candles and your table decoration is set. Have a great holiday weekend what ever your plans are.




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