The marvellous world of essential oils.

The marvellous world of essential oils.

Last Monday I attended an extremely informative talk on the wonderful world of essential oils. Unfortunately we live in a very toxic world and we ingest quite a few toxins so these marvellous oils help us get rid of the bad energy, through our lifestyle, diet, daily surroundings and by incorporating them into our life.

As we are constantly being told to eat our greens and live on a plant based diet for good health, these special oils are made out of plants, which teaches us more and more to respect our environment and look after our plants. The health benefits on ingesting these oils are remarkable and they are known to cure many unfortunate ailments we seem to contract. We were also told that they are great as facial cleansers and household cleaning products too, so what is there not to like about these oils? The best part about these oils are, they are a natural solution to anything from anxiety, inflammation and depression and many other common ailments.

As I feel we should make our health a priority I have ordered my kit of essential oils, which are on their way and I am very curious and keen to start experimenting with them and I will  update you on their benefits and uses.

Have a wonderful evening.

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