Tea o’clock.

Tea o’clock.

Not that we need any excuse to gather friends together for an afternoon of delicious treats, wonderful chit chat and many laughs.

Bake a cake or two, prepare some delicious sandwiches, brew your tea and create a wonderful tea to share amongst your nearest and dearest. Tea time is a wonderful time of the day and I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t love a cuppa and some delicious cake or better still a scone with clotted cream and jam.

You can bake your cakes and prepare most of the ingredients beforehand. Cakes freeze well and you may decorate on the day. Decorate your table with some fresh rose petals and a few pearls and colourful broaches for a lovely effect. Arrange fresh bouquets of flowers in vases and place in the centre of the table. Have a selection of teas available and some fresh herbs too as they add fragrance and a refreshing taste too. My favourite are lavender, mint and basil.

Keep your ice bucket on stand by together with your long glasses just in case they are required. As they say ‘Life is like a cup of tea…..it’s all in how you make it…’


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