Artichoke and Salmon Lasagna.

Artichoke and Salmon Lasagna.

A few years back I mastered lasagna without béchamel for the lactose intolerant members of the family. The trick is fresh pasta and a sauce that has enough liquid to cook the pasta. To make this recipe you will need,

Salmon and artichoke lasagna.

January 21, 2018


  • 3 garlic cloves
  • Some fresh basil
  • 1tsp dry chilies
  • Cooking oil
  • 250g mushrooms
  • 4 artichokes
  • 1tbsp butter
  • Seasoning
  • 130ml stock
  • 400g cooked salmon
  • 100g grated Parmesan
  • 1tsp truffle oil
  • 5 sheets fresh lasagna
  • 100ml artichoke liquid set aside once artichokes are cooked
  • Step 1 Get a pan, peel and chop your garlic, add some cooking oil and cook the garlic. Add the chilies and the butter and keep cooking on a low heat. Wash and chop the mushrooms and add them to the pan and toss in the juices.
  • Step 2 Place the artichokes in a pot with some water and let them cook for around 50 minutes. When the leaves come apart easily they are cooked. Put 100ml of the liquid aside and strain the artichokes. Once they are cool, remove the flesh off the leaves with a sharp knife.
  • Step 3 Add the artichoke flesh to the pan together with the stock and artichoke liquid. Add the cooked salmon, truffle oil and grated cheese. Mix the ingredients together and set aside. Chop the basil and add it to the sauce.
  • Step 4 Grease a baking dish roughly a 30cm one and add two sheets of lasagna to the dish, side by side. Add half of the sauce and cover the base and repeat with two more sheets. Add more of the sauce to the lasagna and get the last sheet and cut it into wide strips and place across the dish and add the remaining sauce. Make sure the pasta is covered in liquid so it will cook.
  • Step 5 Sprinkle more Parmesan over the lasagna and bake at 160C for twenty minutes. With the above quantities I served six portions.

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