Ideas for your table.

Ideas for your table.

Add a touch of glitter and glamour to your Christmas table and make it festive. The best part of the day is sitting down and looking around at all your hard work and feeling chuffed that your decorations work their magic. Your home feels cosy and the little shimmering lights and candles spread a wonderful feeling of warmth and good wishes.

To decorate your table, choose your colours,  keep some Christmas  tree decorations aside to decorate the table, buy some edible glitter to dip your glasses into, place your Christmas crackers around the table, decorate your table napkin holders with a few sprigs of holly or sprayed leaves and the look changes to festive.

Get some cinnamon sticks and dip each one into a red cherry and place them around your drinking glasses, add some red ribbon to your trays, light a few candles and spray some acorns and use them as name places.

Have a look at the Christmas magazine I prepared for recipes and further ideas for Christmas day.

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