Don’t lose the magic.

Don’t lose the magic.

As we count the days to Christmas, go about your daily life with a simple cheer and be happy. I know we all have lots to do but don’t forget that simple smile, a little song along the way, chit chat with your neighbour, a wonderful thank you for the thought put into your gift, a pleasant catch up at the cash till and a helping hand to all those who need. It’s not always about our needs and musts, we can make the day a brighter day if we just remember that Christmas is all about the wonderful joy of magic. Place the cookies by the fire you never know……

Some fun ideas are to join a Christmas carol event, catch up on an old Christmas movie, drink some warm cocoa or mulled wine by the fire and go for a lovely walk or swim. It is a fabulous time of the year and most importantly enjoy it and don’t lose the magic of Christmas.


Happy holidays.

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