Breakfast ideas

Breakfast ideas

Sunday mornings are meant to be super chilled and at this time of the year there isn’t a particular rush to get to the beach early. Planning your week ahead, catching up on news events and asking some friends around for a late breakfast is a super way of ending the week and preparing for a new one to start. Bring out that pretty tea set you so seldom use, brew some coffee and tea, make some granola, some fresh juice and a smoothie, bake a cake and add some delicious smoked salmon topped on fresh bread with hard boiled eggs and kale chips. Top up your kettle to keep the warm drinks flowing and keep your jug with fresh juice chilled in the fridge to have cold juice whenever you need to replenish. Lay out your crockery beforehand and top up your milk jug and sugar basin too.

Organise some yoga or stretching before or a nice brisk walk to build up your appetite so your delicious treats are thoroughly enjoyed. Choose some chilled music and get organised for a great morning ahead.


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