Shutdown holidays.

Shutdown holidays.

Most of us will be on holiday next week so there will be lots to do beforehand as we all know the amount of preparation that is needed before we shutdown to take a much needed break. Whether you are leaving the island or staying home, make the most of your precious week and make a promise to yourself that you will return to your normal routine the following Monday with special memories of your week off. Start by stocking up on the necessary ingredients before hand, keep your meals simple and healthy, try out some new restaurants, go for an early morning swim or better still watch sunset in the sea. Catch up on family and friends, spend time together and share stories and giggles as that is the utmost therapy.

If you have some tedious chores to do, tackle them as they are never so boring when you are on holiday and not rushed for time. Book a few yoga and pilates sessions and keep up your usual exercise routine as one needs to keep body and mind in balance even when on holiday.

Make the most of your personal time as you owe it to yourself to be in touch with your well-being. You need quality time to reflect on what is working for you and what is not, disconnect from your phone and computer or limit your hours and availability to be able to feel connected to reality. Surround yourself with the most important things that make you happy and appreciate the simple things.

Plan a date with your loved one, let your hair down, have some fun, go dancing, run away to a destination you would have never thought of and chill. Whatever you decide to do, just enjoy.

Remember “It’s not about having time. It’s about making time.”

Happy holidays from Honey and Zest.

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