A Dinner Party at Home

A Dinner Party at Home

Throwing a dinner party should not be a total strain on the hostess. It really is all about simplicity, having fun and being around your guests. Everyone’s life is chaotic enough so when you meet up to relax, let it be relaxed.

The most important factor is your choice of food to serve. Select a menu that can be prepared in advance and all you need to do is add a last minute dressing or two and toss a salad, just before your guests arrive. Room – temperature food in summer always goes down a treat.

Select a few colours you would like to theme your dinner with and set the table. Pick some fresh flowers, make lots of ice cubes, slice your lemons and limes, chill your drinks and keep it simple. Ensure you have stocked up on water and place a few chillers around to keep your drinks cool. Never overfill your glasses with drinks as the drinks gets warm, just keep topping up.

Select a playlist beforehand, light some candles and switch on enough lights to create a lovely atmosphere. My menu today is, a beetroot humus, quinoa salad, red snapper, chicory salad and chocolate spoonsYou can browse through the recipes should you wish to use them for your entertaining.

Have a lovely evening and enjoy it.

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