Pulled chicken in a bun.

Pulled chicken in a bun.

Sweet chicken in a sesame brown bread bun is my kind of happiness especially if I am eating this by the sea or outdoors with a cool breeze and amazing sunny colours around me. To make these buns you will need,

Pulled chicken in a bun.

July 15, 2017


  • 3 sesame brown bread buns or whatever bread you prefer.
  • 1 whole chicken breast filleted.
  • Some lettuce leaves as a garnish.
  • One cooked beetroot.
  • Chicken breast dressing.
  • A handful of mint.
  • 1tbsp mayonnaise.
  • 2 tbsps greek yoghurt.
  • 1 tbsp onion chutney.
  • A dollop of olive oil.
  • Step 1 Ideally your buns should be fresh, if not toast them slightly so they have a nice crunch. Get a baking tray, grease with some oil and bake the chicken breast.
  • Step 2 Once your chicken is cooked, set aside and once cool, flake the chicken into pieces.
  • Step 3 Make your dressing by blending the mint first, add the yoghurt, chutney, mayo and olive oil and blend once more until you have a nice creamy dressing. Toss the chicken into the dressing.
  • Step 4 Slice the buns in half, slice your cooked beetroot and fill each bun with a slice of beetroot, some lettuce and your pulled chicken.
  • Step 5 Serve and indulge.

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