Express not Supress.

Express not Supress.

Anyone who embarks on this marvelous journey of self –discovery is highly aware of the process towards self-understanding and the alternatives available to change or transform their lives and well-being.


A while ago I was having a long chat with a dear friend of mine, Cat Moyle and she mentioned the word Amanae to me. I had never heard of this word before, let alone what it entailed however I liked what Cat explained and made a mental note to try this out if any sessions were available.


The opportunity came around a couple of weeks ago when a three day workshop was held in the most beautiful and tranquil surroundings, hosted by Mr. Eric Lipin and Cat Moyle. Eric introduced Amanae to Europe in 1998 and Cat has just become a certified Instructor.


Nearly all of us have experienced the difficulty in expressing our feelings at some point in our life. Amanae helps you express that emotion by your practitioner working on certain points on your body known as doorways, which offers release through us breathing into these doorways to experience that wonderful feeling of letting it go.


The Disney film Frozen is one of the most popular Disney films of all time and many therapists refer to this movie as a perfect example of expressing not suppressing. In the movie, young Elsa gives us a very powerful version of her experience of letting it all go as she sings the famous song on the mountain top, “conceal don’t feel, don’t let them know, well now they know, let it go”


An Amanae session is a very liberating experience and clearly helps the individual deal with those toxic feelings that have festered within. You leave your session feeling very calm and centered and are advised to drink lots of water after.


‘Amanae – It’s not just food that nourishes us, it’s the thoughts and feelings we choose to absorb.’

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