Food for thought.

Food for thought.

Back on the mat today, I listened attentively to my wonderful Yogi, who explained that although we are surrounded by a lot of chaos and unrest, there still is a beautiful side to humanity. Compassion is such a strong word and is definitely predominant in this world we live in.


It is so beneficial for us to take time out and care for our well being as in turn we can offer a more humane side to life and others. By using this powerful emotion we become thoughtful and decent to others, which is what this world really needs right now.


Keeping oneself nourished in a healthy manner also contributes to a wonderful wellbeing and finding that balance in life gives us the satisfaction of living in a more serene place.


Take some time out, prepare a meal, go for a walk, surround yourself by nature and breathe. We just need to sit back and have faith and let life happen once in a while.


Happy weekend and happy father’s day to all the wonderful Dads around.

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