Detoxing for a Healthy Body and Mind

Detoxing for a Healthy Body and Mind

Whatever lifestyle you live, every now and again a detox is a great way to check in with our bodies and remove all the negative toxins that accumulate within us. “Eliminate what doesn’t help you evolve” is the ultimate goal to a well- balanced body and life style.


Am on day four of a detox under the guidance of nutritionist Laura Peischl, as I felt the best way to carry out a detox would be under guidance. I am totally impressed with the outcome so far and have learnt more importantly that the food we consume is vital to our health, energy and everyday living.


Agni is the Sanskrit word for Fire; “fire of digestion. Ayurveda not only works on balancing the physical fire; which provides proper digestion and assimilation of food, but also the fire of the mind; which provides clarity, understanding, and discernment.” My interpretation of this is that when our Agni is strong we are healthy both physically and mentally and when it is weak we experience all sorts of unpleasant feelings and low immunity and we create toxicity within our body. A detox is the best way to get ourselves back on track and learn about the food we consume daily.


To teach your body and mind to be in harmony with each other, there is sacrifice such as eliminating certain foods that are not beneficial for a detox and the first few days were tough with a general feeling of lethargy however suddenly all that changed and the feeling of being at ease and well nourished took over. This was a remarkable feeling as you are able to carry on with your every day life, although at a slower pace to benefit the total detox effect. A food- based detox is an opportunity to remove known toxins and “bad foods” from our diet for a predetermined amount of time.


Ultimately this detox helps you accept the habits you have that aren’t supporting your health.






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