A Cognitive Therapist’s Review on Honey & Zest

A Cognitive Therapist’s Review on Honey & Zest

Our relationship with food has a long history. It has always been a topic of interest throughout human history. For us humans, food goes beyond merely sustaining our bodies – the relationship has evolved into an intimate and complex one. Over the years, it has become both an art and an established science. This phenomenon is well represented by the variety of books, websites and scientific journals dedicated to the subject.

In the absence of serious medical conditions, probably the best “reference” on food is the one you write yourself. We all experience our own bodies intimately. Our body is well equipped with intelligent systems that provide us the right information on what suits us and what does not. Based on this reality, the best references and sources on food will be the ones that encourage and inspire you to explore the options for yourself, and to listen closely to your own experience. Like anything else that aims to empower you, these sources written on food will not be too rigid. There will be no judgements, no stressing over goals or even doing the “right” thing.

If you are ready to engage in a relationship with food with openness and curiosity, if you are ready to embark on a loving journey with food then Stephanie Zammit’s “Honey & Zest” will be here to inspire you. With her website, Stefy sends you a genuine and personal invitation to discover your own intimate relationship with food guided by her own enthusiasm. She will playfully encourage you to try a few things for yourself, to explore what food will feel great on you and what will not. She will urge you to be your own scientist and your own creator.

In a nutshell, Stefy offers a staple recipe as a basis for her site and for you to add with each attempt on her suggestions. This staple recipe requires a good dose of each: Intuition An open mind with a generous dash of curiosity Mindful eating Loving Kindness Creativity (topped up with courage) – to serve And of course, a generous amount of honey with a modest hint of zest.

Enjoy this inspirational journey! Thank you Stefy for your vision, creativity, and courage.

Simone Micallef

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