“It’s not just food that nourishes us,

it’s the thoughts and feelings we choose to absorb”



I remember it like it was yesterday, I walked into that treatment room feeling like one person and left it feeling like I had been shaken into a whole new body.

About 15 years ago when I was contentedly studying reflexology, I met someone who practiced a therapy I had never heard of. Always up for trying new things I booked in for a session. I spent about 90 minutes working in that treatment room and left feeling a fundamental change in how I viewed myself and others. I felt more honest and more content. I felt a sense of freedom and openness that I had never experienced so powerfully (or so quickly) after any kind of therapy/treatment before.

I vowed then to learn Amanae, a type of emotional release work, and add it to my repertoire of therapies. The training I started in Belgium in 2013 has taken me on an epic journey that I am blessed to be able to share with others here in Malta (and beyond) in one-to-one sessions, workshops and nourishing retreats.

Unlike a lot of therapies or treatments where you lay back and ‘receive’, Amanae requires both the therapist and recipient to “work together’ to find the connections that will open up the body.  In part, I think it’s this that makes the therapy so powerful and challenging. You (the recipient) are responsible for how you work with what happens during the session, fully supported by the therapist of course.

So apart from it being empowering, when people ask me about what happens in a session I often say we work with three things:



During an amanae session I make physical movements on different parts of your body.  You might feel different physical sensations during a session, such as warmth, tingling, tenderness, sharpness, numbness, heaviness, lightness and so on. During a session the physical sensations you are feeling in the body may change, and after a session the area/s that has/have been worked can feel physically quite different. Sometimes the area that has been worked can feel more flexible, more open, lighter, relaxed. In some cases physical pain has been relieved during a session.


Breath, as in life, is a key element in amanae. We use particular breathing techniques as part of the session. You may need to ‘breathe to a certain area of the body’, or breathe more deeply, or exhale more. The breathe acts like an accelerator helping release happen more quickly, easily, smoothly.

Both the inhale and the exhale matter – opening us up and reminding us to let go.


I have seen a whole host of different things happen during a session and it is all welcome and encouraged. Fully allowing your experience in the safe space of the treatment or workshop room is the key to allowing you to release what you no longer need to carry around with you emotionally, energetically or physically.


And although there is a lot more to it than that, I also say the best way to understand it is to try it and find out what your experience is like.  To have an amanae session shows a huge commitment to seeing yourself, to allowing more of yourself, to being brave and honest and open-minded and to moving forward.


Contact me to find out more or check out my website page about amanae.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Cat Moyle

+356 9964 6166

Cat Moyle is the only Amanae practitioner in Malta and will be running a three day workshop here in June 2017 with her teacher Eric Lipin to spread the technique to those interested.


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