Tuna Fish Cakes

Tuna Fish Cakes

Ideally you have some left over mash and you can have these cakes ready in no time. With the recipe below, I made 8 tuna cakes.

Tuna Fish Cakes

January 30, 2017


  • 2 cans of Tuna fish
  • Left over mashed potato or boil three potatoes and mash
  • 2 leeks
  • 1 tbsp ground Cumin
  • Fresh mint
  • Seasoning
  • 200g fresh spinach leaves
  • 1 egg for binding
  • Sunflower oil
  • Polenta (for coating the cakes)
  • Step 1 Blend your mint in the blender. Peel your leeks and add them, together with the rest of the ingredients, to your blender. Pulse and then use the mixture to make the cakes and place them on a plate.
  • Step 2 Heat a griddle pan with oil. Prepare the polenta in a bowl and coat the cakes. Add the cakes to the pan and cook on both sides. When cooked place on a plate with some kitchen towel to absorb the extra oil.

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